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"Danniella is a conscientious and passionate teacher, who improves my daughters voice with every lesson. Highly Recommend. " Willows Parents

"I enjoy the fact that the lessons are fun, I learn something new each time, and I feel she has improved my ability to sing low notes."

Willow B

Model, Dancer, Youtube

South Korea

"Having never being able to hold a note I thought I would try out some professional help. Danniella has been great. She makes you feel at ease, is really friendly and is very talented. I would really recommend her"

Stephanie H
Bristol, UK

"Very professional and adaptable - I can go to her with any audition piece and find it invaluable. She is always stretching and improving my voice and finding range I never knew I had! As a result of our lessons my confidence has grown and I go for roles I would never normally! Would highly recommend!"

Katie C

Hong Kong

"As someone who uses his voice every day for work, I was having trouble keeping it healthy after some particularly long recording hours. Danniella has helped me learn some valuable vocal techniques for keeping my voice in good condition. It's also been a fun bonus to learn a few tunes with her :). Highly recommended."

Simon Whistler

Professional Youtuber

Prague/ UK

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"I have always wanted sing but have never been that great. I was recommended by a colleague to try Danniella. I really enjoy our lessons, they are fun and my friends and family have commented on how well my voice is sounding. Can't recommend highly enough!"

Thomas C- Texas, USA



“My unique technique enables the singer to create richness and depth to their voice, expanding their range and capabilities whilst maintaining their stylistic identity. In just a short time, I can assist you with developing your sound whilst releasing tension and discomfort. I also specialise in being able to add flexibility, height and comfort to your vocals. 

My 2 decades of intensive classical training has meant that I have spent many many hours researching and exploring my own sound and voice, resulting in me knowing exactly where each note should be placed. Once this technique is adopted you will be able to sing any genre with ease at any given time. 

Having a European approach to singing has given me a more relaxed method when it comes to coaching. I believe singing is a feeling that is created in and around us and isn't necessarily defined by a grade or exam. I will guide your strengths and weaknesses intuitively, dependent on the individual to give you the confidence and ability to sing with ease."

Take a look around the site to get to know Danniella and all that she has to offer.


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Available to Hire for Private & 
Corporate Events

Add a touch of class and elegance to your event. Bespoke repertoire available, from beautiful acoustic covers and classical arias to original pieces.

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Are you looking to casually explore your voice or perhaps you need help with a piece you are working on? Or maybe you are struggling with range and pitch?

"I do most of my clients online as nearly all of them are overseas, I have such a great understanding of the voice and where it should be placed that I am able to tell immediately when the sound is not in the correct place."

If you are someone who doesn’t live close but you have a musical ear and can follow instruction then you would be